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From 2006-2015 Ness studied History of Design at The University of Brighton. She was the winner of both the Design History Society and The Association of Art Historian's prizes for her BA dissertation in 2010, It’s So New-Fashioned;’ Hille, from Tradition to Modernity. Ness completed an MA in History of Design and Material Culture, More Suitable to the Modern Home’; Designs of the Year, 1957.

Ness contributed many papers to various symposiums including Setting Up Home with Bill and Betty, The Geffrye Museum in conjunction with Queen Mary, University of London; Post-War Pattern; the Designs of the Year, Fashion and Textile Museum, London (to coincide with the Designing Women exhibition); Setting Up Home with Bill and Betty, Association of Art Historians, Annual Conference, Milton Keynes.

Her main writing included; Chapter 3, I would suggest that you should not think of the Design Centre as a Museum; It is a Live, Active, Moving Thing’, Designs of the Year, 1957  in Design Objects and the Museum, edited by Liz Farrelly and Joanna Weddell,  published by Bloomsbury Academic, The Bloomsbury Encyclopaedia of Design edited by Clive Edwards, entries author, published by Bloomsbury Academic.

Hillestak chair from Brighton Museum Collection

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